Sith Lord & Apprentice

DeflateYesterday both the Sith Lord himself and his apprentice both denied everything and apparently know nothing. No one knows shit! Nothing. Bill had no idea of anything and then passed the buck onto Tom. Tom got up here with his goofy fuckin hat and said he also had no fuckin clue with what happen.

No one believes either of you, so much so it’s fuckin comical. Honestly the only reason any of this even matters is because of Spy Gate. Aside from that we wouldn’t give two shits about your balls. We would probably laugh at the whole thing and just have fun with it. The problem that so many people have is the fact that you guys got caught cheating, haven’t been to the Super Bowl since and now the year you’re back in it’s based on this shit!

Also, it’s not lost on me that you’re sponsor’s hashtag is #Flexball!!

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