Uncle Tom?


I don’t get it. I just really don’t. I don’t see the purpose for calling a black guy an Uncle Tom simply because he decides to offer a different view point for what’s going on. I’ve been outspoken about how I miss when hip-hop would give a fuck. By that I mean how many rappers have you heard open up lately about social issues? J. Cole has been one of the few. His “Be Free” song was beautifully written and his performance on Letterman was powerful. The pain seems to drip from every word, honestly one of the most emotional socially aware songs I’ve heard in quite some time.

I miss that about Hip-Hop, the ability to be a counter culture that spoke for the people. That doesn’t mean that it has to be as bold as Tupac and Public Enemy were. There’s also a gentler ability that can also be used. J. Cole does that in this song but so does Kendrick Lamar on his comments when asked about Ferguson. Part of his message was that there is a sense of responsibility that the community has to take upon it’s own shoulders in order for things to get better. In return some people  now view him as a “coon” or an “Uncle Tom”.

wpid-screenshot_2015-01-20-20-47-38.pngThat in essence is part of the fucking problem. I despise the fact that we are treated like second class citizens by the police. There’s a serious problem in America and something needs to change and change in a fuckin hurry. It saddens me every time I hear about a new story where a cop has killed another black guy who was unarmed. All while a white kid can shoot up a movie theater yet he’s apprehended without so much as a fuckin scratch. In all seriousness explain that one for me.
wpid-screenshot_2015-01-20-20-42-04.pngWith that being said why wouldn’t an honest conversation about our communities be had. Why is it that all we want our representatives to do is get angry at white America and ignore the dumb shit we’re doing? What sense does that make? Let me put it this way, how I treat my brother is far more indictful of me as a man than how a stranger treats him. If we are destroying each other in the streets why would we expect anyone else to treat us any different?

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