Kissing Kids..

BillBelAs many of my close friends know, I despise and I mean despise seeing parents kiss their kids on the mouth. I find it disgusting! What’s so wrong with kissing your kid on the cheek or the forehead? You know, nice innocent areas of the face where it will never be deemed creepy. Part of it may just be me, my parents never kissed us on the lips. So I might be coming form a foreign place, but I can’t be the only one who’s legitimately grossed out by the act.

For parents who kiss their kids on the mouth, when’s the cut off age for kissing each other? 7-8 years of age? There should be a restriction right? Take this shit for example, Bill is over here kissing his grown daughter on the fuckin mouth.

My man looks like he’s rounding first base and on his way to second. Is this normal? Does this look OK?! Does the guy dating her have a say on if this shit is OK? He’s practically kissing Bill himself the next time he plants one on her.

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