The Carson Chargers

ChargersRaidersSo this past week the big secret was let out that the San Diego Chargers have been having dealings with the city of Carson for the past 9 months! The Chargers went so far as to actually purchasing the land on which they potentially plan on building a new stadium. It doesn’t bug me that the Chargers are looking at other options outside of San Diego. I get it. They have been going back and forth with the city of San Diego for the last 12 years. This shit should have been a done deal long before we got to this point. That fuckin toilet we call a stadium is one of the oldest in the entire league. San Diego would be a great place to have Super Bowls, and the NFL would love to have them here but not in that bowl of shit.

So while I agree that the city has fucked this up for over a decade, the Chargers should have been upfront. If the Chargers would have been completely open with their needs and objectives, most of the fan bases would have understood. We all understand the business. San Diego is literally a transplant city, so the majority of us have have made similar decisions and have come from where else. the fuckin issue is that this feels like a step bellow packing up the the team in the middle of the night and leaving the city.

Right now it’s pissed off a large portion of the fan base. If the Chargers do decide to leave under these circumstances I don’t see myself being a fan anymore. As much as I love having them in San Diego, I’m not cheering for an LA team. Especially one that’s sharing a fuckin stadium with the hated Raiders.

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