P Diddy’s Empire?

empireSo word is P. Diddy is suing the makers of the show Empire. What aspect of this show do you actually want to admit to Puff? Is it the part where the record company in the show is started up by drug money? I’m sure the Feds would fuckin love to hear all about how Bad Boy Records was funded.

Or is it the fact that a woman took the fall for your drugs and did federal time while you lived it up free on the outside? Could it be the part where Lucious (you) kills a close friend of his for shaking him for money? Which body are you willing to admit to to prove this is your life their depicting?

Um, maybe it’s the part where Lucious throws his kid into a trash can after finding him dressed like his mom? Sean, are you homophobic? If this is your life, I have a whole new view of you and it’s not a good one.

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