Kendrick Lamar’s Fiance

KendrickThis is the shit that I can’t wrap my head around. People were ripping Kendrick Lamar for the last lines of “The Blacker the Berry” when he dropped, “So why did I weep when Travon Martin was in the street, when gangbangin’ made me kill a nigga blacker than me?”

People were calling him an Uncle Tom as if he was excusing the killing. The line was a big picture take on the issues within the community yet some people missed it. He then releases an extremely pro black album, “To Pimp a Butterfly”, and now those same morons are bitching about him getting engaged to his high school sweetheart who happens to be a light skinned Afro-Latina.

This clown over here is pissed off that they are together. First of all they’ve been together damn near a fuckin’ decade. He kept it real to the girl who was in his corner before he became rich and famous. That shit should be commended. Does Kendrick Lamar’s pro black message somehow ring false just because he’s with a light skinned woman? As a people we can’t demand to be accepted by people then do this shit.  Let’s say the girl was white, why in the fuck would it matter to you? Does his blackness and pride in being a black man somehow diminish because of who he fell in love with?

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