FlagsIt’s been an interesting week. After way too long, America finally decided to do something about the Confederate flag being flown at government buildings. Too bad it only took a church shooting for you to pay attention. To the people who are screaming about honoring heritage and history, go fuck yourselves. Your ancestors were an insurgent force trying to rip the Union apart for the sake of keeping slaves. You’re refusal to acknowledge this is disgusting and almost comical. Now imagine if the Germans decided to keep Nazi symbols after everything they did during WWII, how would they be viewed? While I don’t think the flag is should be waved or sold at government property, I do think that racists have the right to purchase the flag if they so choose too.

wpid-img_20150626_181924.jpgAll while this was going on the Supreme Court ruled that it’s unconstitutional to ban same sex marriage and the Christian right damn near lost their minds worried about God’s wrath and how Christians are now going to be prosecuted for their beliefs. No one cares what you do within your faith. If you think it’s wrong to be gay.. well umm.. don’t be gay. Don’t take dick in the ass or start reenacting Orange Is The New Black scenes and you’ll be fine. Two things can exist at the same time. You can remain Christian AND be accepting of others. Your church doesn’t have to marry gay people if it doesn’t want to, that’s perfectly fine. Doesn’t mean that the state can’t provide the service to those who want to get married.

So in the end, are you “worried that dicks are delicious”?

2 responses to “#LoveWins

  1. I agreed with everything you said but one point. I want to be clear. I believe that slavery was and is a terrible thing and in no way condone it. However, the Confederate’s desperate desire to hold onto slavery was primarily because their main source of revenue at that time was completed by the slaves by things like picking cotton. The Industrial Revolution was a phenomenon limited primarily to the northern states. To abolish slavery would send the economy and livelihoods of all southern states in a drastic downward spiral. So at that time period of the Civil War, we really can’t fault the Confederates. We can fault those now who cling to the idea of slavery being positive (while slandering the meaning of being a Confederate supporter) because in this day and age, there is absolutely no need for slavery to maintain the economy.

    • I do understand your point.. Buuut.. Eh, I can still fault the Confederacy.. It wasn’t just an economy they were fighting for. They enjoyed the lifestyle, the ability rape women as they so chose and the physical abuse they could impose on a person living person. For an example I might own a herd of cows and treat them humanly.. Or I can own that herd and beat them and torture them just because I can. There is a difference even while in both scenarios they are my main economic force.

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