The ESPY’s & Mrs Jenner

wpid-fb_img_1437100066764.jpgSo many people got their panties in a bunch over Caitlin Jenner getting the Arthur Ashe Award. Let’s all calm our pretty little tits for a second. First and foremost, who the fuck even watched or pays attention to the ESPYs? As far as award shows go that’s right up there with the Nickelodeon awards. Ease up a bit. Chances are you didn’t watch it anyways, now did you?

The award is called the Arthur Ashe Courage Award which is supposed to go to someone who has “transcended sports”. Pat Tillman and Huhammed Ali being two of the most well known recipients in the past. Tillman being a guy who decided to leave the NFL and enlist in the military after the 9/11 attacks, and Ali being a guy who stood up against the draft during Vietnam. Two distinctive different acts of courage mind you. When Ali refused to enter the draft people called him a coward. He was one of the most despised men in America at the time. So what our perception of what courage is differs. The act of going off to war is extremely courageous, but so is not going!

There’s a segment of our population who are everyday people. Some we know and some we don’t, that live in fear of telling their loved ones that they’re gay or transgender. I have family members who are scared to death to tell their own parents. Scared. To. Death. All because they don’t want to lose that relationship over who they are. So while you might feel the need to diminish if Caitlin’s decision is courageous or not, to someone in that position it is. That in all honesty is enough reason to give her the award.

Now to get onto this dumbass meme. One Caitlin Jenner was an Olympic Athlete, the best in his field at the time. So he was involved in sports, you just don’t remember it. Two, the athlete who decides to keep playing a sport while he’s in the middle of cardiac arrest is a fuckin’ moron. I can’t put that any gentler, sorry. You have a family at home, maybe you put them first over a silly game where grown men put on ice skate. Just a thought.

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