Pending Surgery

FieldSo my surgery is tomorrow. I’m having my tonsils removed and a small procedure on my turbinates. This blog wont be about that specifically. This will be more about the ZERO fucks that I have given this week. When I mean zero, I mean absolutely fuckin’ ZERO. I haven’t bothered to train Jiu-Jitsu at all this week. Bjj is something that I’ve loved for over four years, so me not going this week is a big deal.

I’ve sent out texts to people that I haven’t talked to lately just to catch up. I’ve played more video games this week than I have in a while. My diet has been kind of shitty. This morning for example I walked over and grabbed a donut and a bottle of orange juice. Today I’m doing a half day at work, grabbing a big lunch, and topping that off with a nice pizza for dinner.

This has been an eye opener for the day that the doctor finally tells me that I have three weeks to live or when I win the lottery. Both are very similar really, right?

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