Kim Davis Cult

KimDavis2I’m fascinated with this cult that’s gravitating towards the Kim Davis cause. While my immediate reaction is to call these people morons and just move on, I’m intrigued. I’m intrigued by the fact that people can view this woman as a hero and flock to her.

The phrase “Religious Freedom” has somehow mutated into something ugly, and I don’t even think it’s always out of hate or bigotry. I have a close friend who’s a rational person, very religious, and supports her stance. In not getting it, I’m trying to understand as best as I can. It honestly feels as if this is about people who just can’t adjust to evolving social norms. They’re used to something being a certain way and can’t fathom something different. I get it, it’s difficult to play by a new set of rules. I bet it feels worrisome.

Either you’re really stupid or you’re secretly worried that dicks are delicious – Joe Rogan

At the end of the day Americans should have the “Religious Freedom” to either live by a specific religious doctrine or to live without one. It’s as simple as that. The religious laws that you decide to invoke on yourself are yours to live by. Not mine, and I mean that in the general sense and across the board. I could care less if you are a Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, or Christian. Live by your laws all you want, that’s what Religious Freedom is.

What it does not do is impose your religious laws on others which is exactly what’s going on with Kim Davis. These same people who are pushing for the version of Religious Freedom that allows someone to do what she is, would never allow a Muslim to do the same thing. Hell, we already have several states who have preemptively banned Sharia Law.

Why, if Religious Freedom is such a great thing?

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