Punk’d – American Politics Edition

When all this first started it was funny. Something that entertained me. A guilty pressure of sorts. I don’t know what the fuck I’m watching anymore. No fuckin clue. I have somehow misinterpreted the level of stupid in this country. I have somehow misplaced my trust in people and the level of civility that we posses. It’s much lower than anticipated. I don’t go as so far as to say that Donald Trump is a racist. Many will, I’m just not quite there yet.

DonaldTrumpI’m under the belief that this guy was approached by some twisted jerk off who decided he was going to run as part of the world’s greatest practical joke. Mind you, April Fools is technically coming up. At some point, I pray at least, that he’ll jump out on a stage and tell us all that we’ve been Punk’d.

How else is that possible for someone to almost intentionally push the envelope week after week. He’s called the majority of Mexican illegal immigrant rapists. He’s said that we should kill the families of terrorists in order to get the message across. He’s stated that we should ban all Muslims coming into the the country.

Just recently he made a dick joke during a GOP debate. He’s had people kicked out of his rallies all while his supporters batter them insults and physical abuse. This motherfucker even had the support of David Duke and played dumb, as if he didn’t know who the Duke or the KKK are.


How Americans Generally Solute

I’m not even going to get into all the name calling that I’ve heard. How is it that someone like this can speak to such a large demographic of the population? As if all this wasn’t enough, people are now pledging their support for him in a very Nazi like solute.

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