The Walking Dead Cliffhanger

I don’t usually write about TV shows but The Walking Dead season finale was incredibly gripping. So much so that a bunch of people got just a tad pissed off and emotional. I’ll start by saying this, I’ve never read the comics but I do get tidbits here and there about them. I knew that Negan was one bad motherfucker who was going to change the landscape of TWD universe. Knowing that I was really excited to watch how he would be portrayed.

From the moment the 90 minute episode started I could feel my heart racing. I could feel the slight jitters and was quite literally on the edge of my seat. Very few shows do this for me. A show is a show. I know it’s fake, I know that I am not in the show itself. Something is very different about TWD where there’s a slight crack in the 4th wall. The show itself has never eluded to it but the views have been part of the show for so long that it feels like you are among them.

With every attack, every moment of fear, and ultimately every death it strikes you as if it’s your own family. You’re emotionally invested like no other show that I’ve ever watched before.

With that being said, I think it’s partly the reason why some people are losing their shit with this cliffhanger. It’s similar to when a friend is in the middle of telling you an awesome story and they just stop. Of course you’re going to be like, what the fuck?! But understand that it’s a TV show. This is what great television is supposed to feel like!

The sad part of the anger is that we live in a time where people are used to getting everything they want when they want. Amazon offers 2 day Prime shipping. You can binge watch seasons of Netflix shows at your own pace. You can communicate with people no matter the distance instantly on IM. We have just gotten used to having everything when we want that this flies in the face of that and most of us can’t handle it.

Overall it was a great episode with epic storytelling. This is the reason why you watch every week so lets not act like any of us are going to boycott this show if we don’t get answers before the show’s October return. Embrace the special time that we are in because shows like this do not come along often.


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