Why I Became a Libertarian..

I’m a proud Black Hispanic. An America. An Eighty’s baby who was raised on quality Saturday morning cartoons and Ninety’s West Coast Gangster Rap. I’ve been a registered Democrat for the past seventeen years. My dad was a Democrat, minorities generally vote as Democrat, so I registered as a Democrat. Over the course of the past seventeen years I’ve served in the Army, had a few girlfriends, quit a job or two, got married, and got into the martial arts.

I’ve seen quite a bit in these seventeen years, one of which was the first Black President Barack Obama. I did vote for him and will continue to support him because he did an amazing job with what he inherited. While I didn’t agree with all of his moves, some of which I detested, I was happy with the outcome after his eight years as President.

LibertarianMy issue has become with the parties themselves. As we all know, politics is a dirty fuckin’ business. I get that. The problem is that both parties used to be more centered. Yes at their core they were opposing forces but in the last few years they’ve moved further and further apart. Becoming caricatures of themselves in some twisted SNL spoof.

Put your allegiances aside for a second and just look at how fuckin’ nutty everyone is. How is Hilary allowed to set up her own email server and not be prosecuted when others have been tried and convicted for less? Explain to me how Donald Trump is able to spew the shit he does and people continue support him. The final straw for me was with this whole DNC email leak that took place. The whole fuckin’ process was slanted away from Bernie Sanders and towards Hilary Clinton. While I was not necessarily a Bernie guy, the fact that this took place is fuckin’ problem and ignoring it is irresponsible.

The system is broken and it’s in desperate need of repair and by no means will that happen by electing the same parties back into office. They are two halves of the same shitty coin.

I’m tried of it all. All of it.

So after some deep thought and research I landed on the Gary Johnson’s Libertarian ticket. It’s not perfect but it takes a lot of the liberal social views and marries them with the fiscal responsibility that the conservatives value so much. Libertarians don’t want government in your bedroom. Marry who you want and they also want to end the war on drugs. All things that hugely important for me.

So as of this week, I’m a Libertarian. I refuse to vote for the least of two evils. Fuck that.

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